About Our Camps

iBrick Academy strives to be the best edutainment camp provider for all ages! Our company is located in Orlando, Florida and was founded by a certified Brick Specialist. We are a family-owned company that offers camps for children ages 3-18 with science, technology, engineering and mathematics training through the use LEGO© Education Curriculum and sets.

iBrick Academy offers Summer Camps featuring LEGO© Education Sets. We believe that children of all ages should be able to have a safe, structured camp while learning S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts. We also believe this all can be done while having fun with LEGO©. The focus of our business is to provide students the opportunity to work hands on with LEGO© Robots and other LEGO© Education Activities. We provide a setting that fosters hands-on learning also known as Discovery Learning. iBrick Academy incorporates state and national standards along with learning experience that combines skills, such as problem solving with hands on activities that captivate minds.

Our camps have breaks with activities and snacks (lunch breaks for full day camps). We do not provide lunch; please make sure your child has lunch each and every day. Please note, we do not have breaks, activities or build time outside due to the inclement nature of our weather here in Florida. Breaks (snack, lunch or activity) happen at the top of each hour. We ask that you honor our pickup time and are on time each day. Some of our agreements with our locations require us to be out at a certain time so they can use the space.

Camps are led by a verified state of Florida Certified Teacher who has been trained by iBrick Academy. These are known as HEAD COUNSELORS. Other Counselors at are camps are a part of an internship program. They are high school and college students who have been trained and certified by iBrick Academy. They report to the Head Counselor. All Counselors and Staff will be in iBrick Academy Logoed shirts. The colors are bright to stand out.

Available Camps

Please Note: Sets and activities may vary per day. Not all camps will do the exact same thing. Some of the upper students and/or camps may complete more activities or sets. Some days sets may change, depending on the speed of the set completions. The Task Oriented Competitions are Fun/Safe Activities and promote camaraderie, teamwork and fair play. We reserve the right to change any and all activities and the time/date they occur, without notification. The sets, equipment and materials are the property of iBrick Academy and they will remain with the camp we do not allow anyone to keep or take anything home.