Minecraft LEGO Camps

Minecraft has become a household word with millions and millions of people creating, playing, imagining online. Only LEGO © can take this amazing online simulation world and turn it into a hands on world that you can BUILD with LEGO© Bricks!

In this camp, working with a partner, you will get to build the following sets:

  • The First Night
  • The Farm
  • The Cave
  • The Mine
  • The Ender Dragon
  • Crafting box

  • Using the LEGO © Sets, you will get a chance to recreate each of the 1st five areas in Minecraft. Once you have built the 1st five, then you will have an opportunity to build your own area or world using the LEGO © crafting box. So now that you have done the 2D Minecraft, are you ready to build the 3D version? Come to iBrick Academy Minecraft LEGO © Camps and get your hands on Minecraft!

    Our camps have breaks with activities and snacks (lunch breaks for full day camps). We do not provide lunch; please make sure your child has lunch each and every day. Please note, we do not have breaks, activities or build time outside due to the inclement nature of our weather here in Florida. Breaks (snack, lunch or activity) happen at the top of each hour. All of our Camps have limited seating and they do tend to fill up fast.

    All of our Camps have limited seating and they do tend to fill up fast. Due to the nature of this Camp; seating will be even more limited.

    Available Camps